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TSW TraceTM forensic testing technology is used to determine the chemical profile of a material, which reflects the geographical location a product was grown or the system by which it was produced. Materials of unknown origin can be compared to developed reference databases to identify the source of a product.

Once profiled, regular audits and random sampling – via the collection and analysis of Verification Samples – will verify whether future production output matches the established chemical profile. Verification can occur anywhere along the chain, depending on your unique requirement.

Clients receive regular reports on the status of their supply chain and are alerted rapidly when there is an issue. The Source Certain team can provide customised options and help to determine the most effective sample plan (e.g. regular audits or random sampling) to meet your needs.

Proven Technology

The history and background of the TSW TraceTM technology is well established. Our scientists pioneered it and have been developing and applying it for over 30 years. Source Certain now has economical access to these technologies and can routinely apply these to improve the integrity and security of supply chains, though the approach has been widely and successfully applied in the following areas:

  • Tracing stolen gold back to its mine of origin (gold fingerprinting).
  • Linking evidence recovered from crime scenes and persons of interest (glass, metals, plastics, paints).
  • Traceability of foodstuffs – wine, chocolate, meats, fruit, nuts and seeds, tea and coffee, seafood, eggs, herbs and spices.
  • Tracing stolen diamonds back to the mine of origin (diamond fingerprinting) and/or determining if recovered diamonds are natural or synthetic.