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Our service portfolio comprises two inter-related service offers.


Source Check

  • Validation of paper-based QA/QC systems.
  • Comprehensive supply chain analysis.
  • Batch and manufactured product identification and traceability.

Source Secure

  • Verifiable marketing claims of product provenance.
  • Reduced risk of product substitution and effective mechanism for enforcement.
  • Conditional access to Source CertifiedTM certification.

Source Certified

  • Includes all features of the Source Secure service.
  • Access to license for use of the consumer-facing Source Certified certification trademark.
  • Consequences for non-verified samples tighter than for Source Secure service.
  • Program registered on SCI website for consumer access.

Source Connect

  • The Source Connect program provides the opportunity for clients to assure third party business buyers and regulators that the source of their products can be independently verified, in compliance with Source Verification Standard, SC1000:2017. This program has been designed for clients who do not own or control an entire supply chain, which in a world where food supply chains are highly complex and truly global is commonplace.
  • Almost all food safety management and risk mitigation strategies are built on the back of a sound food safety recall management or traceability system. Providing the capacity, at any point in the food supply chain, to complete a verification as to the source of the food, drives transparency inside complex food supply chains, and for large brands to manage risks associated with suppliers by assuring the foods and ingredients received are, in fact, from the approved source.
  • Current tracking systems are slow, paper-reliant, and often fail to address the real and growing challenges associated with substitution, adulteration, and non-approved suppliers introducing food into the supply chain. Source Connect provides a basis for verification of source at any time; whether this be in response to a food safety incident or as a proactive measure by receivers of food, to assure products or ingredients have come from the source claimed.